Its been a while since I have shared my thoughts. Clearly, as compared to before, I have been busy but I will be putting in more time on building up this blog and updating it with all the experiences I have not shared.

We all mature just as we grow and with every passing year, it is important to measure the progress made and distance traveled. While we are all busy in the race, this helps us realize how much closer we are to our goal. That’s about it to help you feel great about yourself. but beyond this, it is important to realize, no matter how far we have come or how much of a ripple we may have created, we are only one of the 7,740,503,702 people on this planet. That’s a very big number to help easily realize we are playing a part that’s less than 0.000000001 % of the waves created considering everybody is a hero in their own story. 

Its funny how, no matter our profession, we all have similar lessons learned derived from entirely different experiences.  Until next time, very soon. Ciao!


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