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About Ashish Gurbani

Ashish Gurbani is a prominent advertising photographer in India, whose work has received international recognition and acclaim. With his innovative style and mastery of lighting techniques, he has deeply explored the space of clutter-free style of imagery, providing both domestic and global brands with a competitive edge and ushering in a new era of exploration.

Having received formal training from the BVSP School of Photography, India's preeminent photography institution, as well as the New York Film Academy, a world-renowned institution, Gurbani embarked on his journey 15 years ago.

What sets Gurbani's style apart is his minimalist approach, which is a true reflection of his personality. Rather than drawing inspiration from market trends or other masters, his unique style is derived from his own extensive practice, travels and experiences.

Gurbani has been recognized for his achievements, winning his first award as the "Best Photographer" from JOFW in 2013, followed by numerous international accolades such as the International Photography Awards (IPA), Black and White Spider Awards, and One Eyeland Awards, among others.

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