The Craze!

Sometimes when you have something just accumulating inside you, it builds a lot of pressure. And when you let go off that pressure, its something you have to learn to handle. The same things happened to me recently and I was eager to do a few shoots to build up my portfolio. Problem was I dint know where to start to how to go about it. I just wanted to do something. I dint think I was prepared to do it and kept on prolonging the feeling. I discussed it with friends and workmates and the discussions never assured me to start what I wanted to do. It really started annoying people around me that I was talking so much about the things I want to do but did nothing I said. 

Suddenly, it came down to a situation that I had to start churning out some work or everything I have done in the last 2 years would be a waste of time. I started out by collaborating with friends and doing work and as I gained confidence then was doing work all by myself. I have attached a few images from my latest work. Please have a look and I would love to have you feedback. 

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