Halfway through!

When you choose a path which is longer, you mentally prepare yourself that you’re going to finish it when you take it. A little less than halfway through, the thought crosses your mind if you should have even taken it in the first place. But you still do go on because its not worth going back halfway again is it? Stepping up the ladder is one thing, maintaing it is another. We are such greedy people we can never get enough of whats better in this never ending world of targets. I’m exactly in this situation, halfway through! Well, someone dear once told me never see the glass half empty, see it half full. With only this thought in  my head, I dont know how I get the energy but something keeps pushing me. Its the complete trust we have in ourselves that keeps us dreaming bigger and BIGGER!

Sometimes we are so lost in this different zone we dont know where we are headed and it only feels like we started yesterday! Times flies by so fast that we forget to spare some time for ourself! When realisation hits you, you are stunned! A lot has changed in you already and things arent anymore like they used to be. You have grown older. You need your zing back, the stress free you has gone. You are again at that point where you feel you are halfway done and have halfway to go. You have alot of happiness coming your way in a few years and are missing out on a lot of joy too. Its a decision you take, looking at the “Bigger Picture” Well, yes the big picture does keep you going, but is there any point in living a life just running behind getting that perfect big picture and missing out on just everything else. You no longer have a track of yourself and time. Your heart still continues to beat and flies. Only one conclusion for every question that crosses our heads in our youth! A comfortable old age is the reward of a well-spent youth. Instead of it bringing sad and melancholy prospects of decay, it would give us hopes of eternal youth in a better world. –Maurice Chevalier

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