Its always a photog’s dream to one day have his very own personal studio. Where he can experiment, brainstorm, create concepts, spend sleepless nights working and keeping up with the ever evolving fashion trends and last and most important, Photograph! In my lifetime as a photographer, I always looked forward to getting this place together and what all I would do when I would have my very own Photography studio.

On the 23rd of May 2015, I finally booked the studio space I have been looking for, which would perfectly fit with the image I had already built in my head. Finding the perfect studio space plays only a 30% part of the entire process of getting a studio together.

The first time I ever saw this place, this is what it exactly looked like.

When I first got the place, it was an individual 1bhk bungalow, with great height and good space around it. I visited the place a few times to actually understand what I was seeing. I was seeing through the walls, I was imagining a place if the existent walls weren’t there. Once I fell into the trap of my imagination, I had fallen in love with the place! There was no other place that pleased me or fit my budget the way this space did. On the 20th of May, I registered the place and took possession of the space a few days later. I had plans of shooting space, a proper cabin, a reception area, a small lounge/brainstorming area, and the necessities like a small kitchen and a bathroom in this space! My imagination and math calculations told me that all of this was nearly possible in this place. All I did was believe in my calculations and gut feeling and went ahead with the execution. The owner of the property has been kind and lenient enough to allow me to do whatever I may wish with this place.

I started off first with the idea of breaking walls and started asking about what the process is like to break walls and its costs. Having luck on my side, I have a couple of good friends who may not keep in touch on a daily basis but understand what it is to struggle and work hard to achieve our goals. A friend of mine who is a contractor himself came forward and promised to help me out with everything I may need to get this apart and my imagination together. Sometimes, you find help in the least expected places. I approached everybody I knew except my immediate friend circle. His reason to help me? A few years back when he was trying to set up a business there was nobody to help him, he didn’t want me to waste my time struggling to do what wasn’t my line of business. He supplied me with 2 laborers and instructed them to help me get the place together.

Wow do you see the mess when you break two walls?

That was not what I expected. It was a great experience being on site walking around with my camera shooting the entire process. I was now going to have to call a tractor to fill up this trash so I could move on to my next step. And so I did.

This entire process until here was just the first 4 days of me getting possession. These first days of getting my studio together already seem like memories I’m sure to cherish all my life!!

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