Building a space that serves the purpose is one thing and building a place that makes u feel cozy and comfortable is another. My vision of building this studio was a space I have mentally visualised months before I even planned on looking for a space for my first ever studio. Everything from the floor to the ceiling has been personalised and selected after a lot of thought..

Well after the wall were broken in this 2bhk row house, My next step was to get the floors done as they dint even seem close to being presentable. Hiring guys to level and get the tiles put itself is a very long procedure due to entire studio being inaccessible for the 2-3 days it takes to get this done. Once the tiles were put I start my hunt for the furniture and lights which was one of the toughest parts . you need everything to be colour coordinated and preplanned to get this going. I had to go through about  rounds of only interior shopping and after each of these rounds i thought i was done. Filling up a 1200 sq ft space isn’t easy inspite of it being just an empty space to be worked in. Painting this place was one of the most interesting things I did myself. It was a better option to go with than just sit and wait. Painting is pretty consuming and before you know its time to leave with only a little done. I ended up painting and correcting a major part of the interiors because i wasn’t satisfied with the job my painters were doing. there is always this 10% error which really bothers ..


The studio launch was delayed by a month but it finally did happen.. 6th August 2015 was the big day! Bringing together my fav 12 images printed and hung on walls with shoots before and after my launch was really a task. I was shooting till one day before the launch! But when it happened, everything felt worth it! I had many friends and professionals visit the studio and wish me luck on that day! I can’t say more, I m adding images for you to experience everything is written about here.

Thanks for reading..

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