Amidst the Wilderness

Ever since I began photography, I always came across stunning pictures by photography gods such as David Lachapelle and Richard Avedon. They have been inspiring artists across the world in the field of photography and other visual forms of art. David for example is know for his “hyper-real and slyly subversive” images which stop you to have a glance every single time discovering new elements which were missed in the previous encounter.

His images consist of uncommonly high production costs and ‘out of this world’ styling. Looking at such work only makes us budding photographers aspire to shoot like him.

Me on the other hand, a budding photographer based in Mumbai, India, at the ripe age of 24 am pushing fiercely to enter into this glamorous world finding clients who would be interested in 10% of what this work is, in a country like India where everything from eating beef to standing sober in the middle of the night is not encouraged. I have worked on various series in the past such as Mafia and Verde with brilliant artists and now have started a new series in the green forest reserve lands of Pune, India.

My Current Work

Totally contrary to David Lachapelle, My new series ‘Amidst the wilderness’ is to capture graceful and beautiful personalities of women styled in attires unusual for a woman to wear in a forest. You may have already seen that my previous work (Website) consists mostly of dark tones to create a dramatic looking image. I plan to shoot these images in the golden light of dusk and until there is absolutely no light of any use in the forest.

I plan to continue this series over a long period for as long as possible. Here’s a glance of how the first attempt amidst the wilderness was.

It was a brilliant experience and I’m really happy with what I could capture with only 1 hour of this form of soft light before dusk at hand. I hope to continue shooting this series atleast once every month and will keep it updated on my blog and website

The Team

Photographer : Ashish Gurbani

Model : Aishwarya Dhavale

MUA & Styling : Mariam Al Usman

Coordinator : Wasim Shaikh

Behind the scenes

Using Format