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A little about you from a little about me!

Its so funny that in life, you always end up doing what you least expect. When I was little, I was very naughty and troublesome. A very loud kid who had a few bruises and wounds healing at any given point of time for over a few years. I loved sports and cycling. My world was only Home – School – Tuition – My building parking lot. During my 7th standard I was eager to go to boarding school so my parents sent me off and I happier than ever! Wow! it was like I was living the dream. I loved the feelings that were going through inside me. After 2 years of living in Panchgani where my boarding school was, I returned as a totally changed person. I felt life was no more the way it was earlier. I felt even more in love with sports and I dint want to do anything but improve myself in my basketball and football skills. Before I realised, I had finished my 10th grade exams and it was time to be a little more specific with what i wanted to study. I chose Commerce because I was good in maths. Time flew by in college doing nothing but just having fun. 2 years just passed by me and I dint realise it was time again to choose what I wanted to specialise in. By this time I had started clicking pictures of so many things thanks to the invention of mobile cameras and other compact cameras, I chose to specialise in Mass media and journalism. I wasnt yet sure by then that it was photography that attracted me. I’ve had a keen interest in advertising ever since I studied mass media and journalism. Finally when I was halfway through my course I was sure, I wanted to study and pursue only one thing, and that was photography. This story goes on but my point here is, its taken me a long time to figure myself out and I know this is barely 20% of what I will know in the years to come. Every decision we make today makes a difference to all the remaining years of your life!

Finally after this long journey I have had, I’m finally practicing photography professionally. Its just the start of what I led myself to, in all these years. I hope to continue making the right choices so I can write down something like this again in the next 10 years!

The images I have added with this blog is what you get when a kid who loves sports & cars, studies commerce and then advertising and ends up finding his interest in photography (which narrows down even more to fashion photography!) Hope you like the images, I love it!

I’m sure you find the title of the post a little vague after reading the whole post, but I have achieved what I wanted to because after reading this post, im sure you’ve sat back and remembered your journey as well. Voila, thats me bringing out a little bit of you from a little bit of me!

Photography : Ashish Gurbani | Model : Neelam Virwani | Make up & Hair : Aleena Mackar | Stylist : Tanya Luthra

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