Why Exit? I say why not?

This probably is the longest time I haven’t done something I love so dearly, Blogged! But thats probably because I realized how much I missed it only after pushing down on my priority list. As per my last post, My journey never ended with opening a studio, it actually began. For those of you who havent already read my earlier posts, i’d suggest you do so immediately and get back to this one..

From a flashy photography intern to a Proprietor has been an awesome journey, What been better is that I was fortunate to have some amazing mentors through the way. My subject line pretty evidently talks about following your heart. Being a lover of fashion and photography and interpreting them using my skill-set has been a very satisfactory way of letting myself loose. Ive learnt a few things that I’d like to share with you, Follow your heart, make mistakes and dont forget to learn from them. Its often mentioned that we should do what we wish to and the few times that Ive been trying to do so have been worth it.

Being a fashion photographer has been a learning process for me every single time I planned something conceptual and tried to bring it down to execution. Today a photographer is more than one person, its a team consisting of a conceptualizer, stylist, make up & hair artist, etc.. Constantly doing personal passion projects often fetched me advertising projects which inturn would make me crave to do more passion projects that may or may not pay my bills but definitely make me feel content as a photographer. That feeling of appreciation when you feel something original has been created is incomparable. Exiting our passion to feed our soul will only make us realize the appetite of our soul. Our goals and passion may not be interconnected but our body and soul definitely is. Failing to feed either one of them would only fail us. Yes, I did exit my passion project and now I can rightfully say that if I hadnt exited it, I’d have simply taken it for granted.

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.

-Henry Ford

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