Walking with the answer, looking for the question

I have always been a person who’s loved being around people. May it be friends, college mates, people at work, etc. I always wanted to be speaking to someone or just sitting and listening. I did this for all my life with a hell load of information going straight to into my little head with limited memory. It was filled with things not related to my life and things that would do me no good in the immediate present. Yes, It probably would do me some good in the future but by then I would have forgotten about it. I could never imagine a life without people to talk to. Suddenly feel like I live on mars with aliens. You cannot get pampered and then suddenly let it all disappear. It unusually happens…….. and it did!

Well, getting into the hang of not having something you always had available around you is not an easy task, but its not impossible. It all started when a point came in my life where I had to choose, give up on what I already had ( people around me constantly ) OR go achieve something I don’t have/ NEVER had ( a career ). The option anyone would wisely pick is pretty obvious and I thought like anyone else would ‘There’s not chance Im going to be alone!’ After all , having yourself in the good books of a few dozens of people, I guess everyone has the skills to get speaking to a few people. Whenever I give up on something, a thought always crosses my head. I always get this feeling I’m not really losing anything permanently, which I eventually do. ( would work wonders if u could apply this to the dating scenario) Anyway, Once I was ripped off my dearly possession, I had a big empty gap of time in my daily routine. My career was something I wouldn’t let go off. Coming a far way now, there was definitely no way I could turn back to get the amazing privilege of having a few trustworthy people to talk to and have fun with ( which I probably already lost ) So assuming I dint have the privileges, I moved on in life looking for something to keep myself busy.

Once I took all these decisions, I started seeing myself as a more productive, punctual, knowledgeable, valued, curious, fun-loving, happy, blunt, time oriented, careful, particular, independent, reliable, content, patient, ambitious, charismatic, courageous, extroverted and industrious. WOW! Isn’t that some bargain??! I feel good this happened to me and pray it remains this way. The same day I realized what had hit me, is the day I realized something my Mother told me exactly 4 years earlier to this great (and late) Realization ” Give yourself time and see the difference ”

Now I wonder what difference it would have made if I had taken this step earlier. But its never too late and the only thing that drives me finally is the career I set out to make and a quote me and a dear friend often used “You gotta risk it to get the biscuit”

P.S. : Happy birthday dad!! And I know you’ll be secretly proud of me when you read this ;)
I also started reading my first book in this period of realisation and I’m enjoying it.

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