Covid-19: Instincts overpower Evolution

Untouchable: A word so condemned in all of history. And yet today, while we look down upon it, we unknowingly practice it. A few days back I felt different and off.. was it from jumping into that chilly pool or was it because of me acting like I didn’t feel cold on that extra chilly night. None of these questions can be answered but the fact remains that I don’t feel my usual self. Our human body is made up of so many trillion parts, I’m sure science has discovered that the source of energy is still unexplainable. And when a minuscule part works differently, one becomes aware of it. Such is what happened to me. 

But don’t make any conclusions yet because the ripple effect is what plays the important part here, more than the malfunction itself.
It’s a feeling of being left out, being thrown & unwanted. The act is so hurtful but so easy for anybody no matter how close or how much of a stranger they are, they can make you feel this way. Such is what happened during the pandemic to exactly the number of people who were affected. The effects were not biological, they were also emotional and psychological. And this one virus changed the views of 113 million people (current total cases) across the world.

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