Stairway to the top!

How quickly can life change? I feel it can change anytime its not in control. Even between the time you sleep off at night and wake up. Thats exactly what happens the day I wake up late for work. You try to think faster and react slowler, all throughout the day. I wake up every morning with solutions to all the weirdest possible problems I could face during the day. Wood getting affected gets the carpenters really worked up during the rains. We are exactly like the carpenter, living through all the seasons throughout the year.

After everything you achieve academically, you expose yourself this world with all those newly learnt skills ready to take on the world. Just when you think you are going to change the world, you realize that there are just a few more things you need to finish before you can conquer the job scene. You really want to train yourself with a few more skills. This exactly is where a whole new journey of your life begins. The carpenter has all the tools ready to chop the wood and shape it, but what about the ill effects of the weather on his wood. In todays fast-moving world, we need to be very interesting to be successful. And by interesting, I mean we need to have a lot of interests. Gone are those days when we studied something and grew an interest in it because we had no other choice. We need just a few other skills like marketing, business & finance, a little of science, maths , english , geography, biology, physics and very rarely even chemistry to start a self supported business. One doesn’t want to trust anyone else more than himself and this is universal now amongst anyone from a cobbler to a well established businessman.

Speeding towards our ambition that is ever changing seems like a very slow and unsteady matter which infact is not true. Time passes so fast and we accomplish anything from a little to a lot and continue to set new goals out of which we gain a little more than we lose. Little by little our priorities, likes, dislikes, interests, etc. keep on changing and we are lost in the transition. You give it a pause and celebrate the gains and weep over the loss in the bargain and MOVE ON! By now if you are Lucky/Unlucky, you stop caring because nobody around you seems to be interested in what you lose. Everybody loves to get inspired, see progress and progress themselves. Everyones in a rush because nobody knows how many hurdles one can come across on this stairway to the top. The only thing everybody learns is, The higher you go, The pricier it gets!

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