Regrets? You cannot rewind but you can replay!

After every situation, good or bad, like everybody else, I try to analyze the situation as to what I learnt. Somewhere in the back of my head I try to improvise it and and try and visualize myself in the situation again, Sometimes I actually get the feeling of going back in time and reliving that moment. Its a very different feeling but you actually get the thrill/joy/fear of that very moment. Isn’t that so cool?

This is one thing everybody would not only love to do but actually find a way to materialize it and correct a few mistakes which definitely could make the present better. I’m writing this because it wasn’t too long back when I figured out a very small part of me but I think even though it was a small part, it made me different in the way I view things ever since.

The image I have shared and dedicate this article to, was a stepping stone for me, professionally. The few hours I spent shooting this image made me feel totally independent and free. I only had a vague idea of what I was shooting along with a positive attitude that totally brought out the best in me.

The Shoot

I started out with only having this pair of shoes and and the fact that they are meant for driving. I totally had no idea what I wanted to do technically but I knew I really liked the pair and wanted to make something really good out of it. With a free mind, nobody around me, locked up in a room, I made it happen. I don’t know if theres anything more I’d need to say about this picture because I truly hope I keep getting better and better. .

Getting back to the first paragraph, I know it dint really end up anywhere but everything said is just Food for thought anyway ;)

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