Positive vibes!

No matter what one may want in life, you first have to learn to part with it first. Money , power, goodwill, or anything in that matter. Most importantly according to me, the one thing in common amongst all other things is a positive vibe, a good feeling. Not very long back, I reached a point in my life where I felt nothing was interesting to me anymore. everything boring, time kept passing and i remained stuck in one big phase not ready to get over it. It started getting me frustrated like I wanted to just let go of everything and run away on a holiday. What kept me thinking was that I never expected it to happen to me, because Im always the person who’s pepped up.

I guess its all about taking things positively than waiting for something good to happen. All I literally do now is mentally prepare myself to do what I know is coming my way and always keep myself prepared for the worst. Once I started to find the good in everything I already had, the whole depressing phase of sadness, loneliness, etc faded off and pulled me back onto my feet! Give out the positive vibe and you attract the same in return. If you give out a depressing vibe, you attract nothing but loneliness!

The Shoot

A lot of panic and rush before I finally did this shoot as I was working under total pressure. This was the first shot I decided to do for my portfolio as I just really wanted to shoot this character once. After searching alot for that one fact that would perfectly fit the character of the joker, getting the make up artist to work on his face for a few hours, the time had come to shoot. When I started shooting him , no matter how hard I tried to capture the perfect personality of the joker, I just thought there was this one thing missing. It really started to get to me after a while that I wasnt able to achieve what I was looking for. Then I asked everybody to take a break and the model got his guard down to give himself some rest. This is that very moment I eventually captured which I think depicts the personality of the Joker!

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