How I’m spending my quarantine. Part 1

2020 was going to be my year. I’d said it to myself at the start of this year, and for once I really felt it. Like most of you out there, I too am stuck at home currently and working on new ways to keep my creative juices flowing and my fitness regime going. 

Now, about 130 days later, I’m happy to share my journey so far.

March was a busy month, On March 1st-4th, I had an amazing advertising campaign photoshoot for Marriott South Asia with a friends agency called StrobeWorks (, which seemed to reassure me that 2020 was going to be my year. It was March 5th when I completed that project and retuned home to Pune for my post-production process (I work in Mumbai but love to work on my PP in Pune). I made my delivery on 9th march and decided I can take a couple of days break before I dived into my next shoot on 12th March. 

This was it. Little did I know COVID was lurking around the corner and my client called me on 10th stating they wanted to delay by a week because COVID had just hit India and things seemed a little unpredictable. I was like why not. And the journey began when our country went on a trial lockdown on about 14th march. and following this, I was so engaged with the news that the next thing I knew, our country was completely shut down from 21st March 2020. Such an unbelievable moment. I dint think this was ever possible. Did you?

So time started off passing by at a great pace, i was enjoying this. I thought of this as a small break, enjoyed youtube and Netflix, endlessly. Slept when I liked and woke up when I wished. I was having a great time, My usual work schedules over the years have been so strict that I’m traveling across cities at least once a week, which means, I’m mostly missing out on movies and hitting the gym was the most entertaining thing I did on most days. And this was my life for the past few years. Anyway, as time passed by, about 2 weeks into this lockdown, i decided I need to make better use of my time. This is when things took a sudden turn for me. 

My laptop stopped working! What a timing. My laptop screen gave up and I was left with a laptop which had no screen. I did one home shoot during this period and believe it or not, I used Lightroom on my phone to process the images (gotta do what you gotta do)

I tried so hard to figure out a solution which lead me to purchase a used typeC>HDMI cable purchased at a 4x price (because Lockdown) .

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To be continued..

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