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As humans, from time to time we reach a point where we feel there’s a sudden calm in our life, especially career. Me too like anybody else reach this point and I avoid getting accustomed to it. Instead I push myself to do something that gets me closer to my goal, one day at a time. Here’s one such project which keeps me engaged on all my free days, trying to push my creative boundaries. I was sitting one day, trying to think how I can bring even more routine in my photography career where in even though I’m professionally working, I can push myself like those days I did in photography school.

The Idea behind it 

#ForTheNext7Days is a series in which I pick a single topic for the week. In the first one as seen above, my chosen topic was ‘Everyday Products I use’. I carried one product to the studio which I use everyday, and spend at max 1 hour conceptualizing and shooting it to my best ability. And voila, Thats it! I will keep doing this and would love to keep an exhibition in the future with the top 100 shot in this series. Here’s my first step towards my future exhibitions, anybody joining in?

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