Euro Trip

Last year, I did a solo trip for a month around Europe. This trip was in August 2016. There’s a little I wrote when I completed each city along with my favourite image that for me, signifies the city. 

PS - All images are at the end of the post.

Rome -

The place was beautiful. Specially the lifts here. The narrow streets and amazing evening weather is just perfect. I loved the entire vibe of the small cafes in every street. Alcohol everywhere with loads of street artists performing some great things. The monuments are great and everything here is oversized. I think their entire idea of anything to be made is larger than life. The hostel was a silent sweet hostel, very cosy and clean. People here are ok but hostel staff very friendly and helpful. Too many beggars here asking and looking out for money in any random spot like the metro station. Vatican was beautiful and so was the Sistine chapel. Over crowded but that’s ok. Had to try climbing the Vatican dome but was too lazy for that. All in all, it was a pleasant peaceful experience. 

Milan - 

Starting from the moment I reached this majestic Milan station, everything was a party here. My hostel was a brilliant one with just heaps of people from different places coming here. The moment I entered itself I had made myself a few friends which was good. I had a great time in the first night itself in the hostel drinking Uptil 5am after which I finally slept. Luckily having a friend at Milan. Day 2 was recovery with roaming the high end posh streets of Milan where all the shopping and monuments are. Being August it was slightly empty but I loved it this way. The Duomo is a must see for its majestic beauty. It apparently took 100 years to build I overheard. Had some amazing meals here which included pizzas and a late night meal at a Pakistani restaurant which was a yummy one.

Nice -

I think this was one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. The blue ocean is out of this world and very calming. The place is pretty much about the ocean and having a good time. It’s a pretty great place to relax with a loved one or friends. Pretty much on the expensive side but that’s ok. I think it was totally worth it. The view from the top of the small hill is breathtaking. I clearly remember eating a lot of Gelato, yummy pizza and Nutella crepes. I think these three just sum up what I kept eating here over and over again. The night life is infested with girls only at places which are the best. Also to remember , bars don’t serve food at all. That was pretty sad because I’m used to eating a starter and drinking. I found an Indian restaurant secluded in a corner called Delhi Belhi. It was pretty authentic and bloody expensive. Hate why Indian food is so expensive abroad. The water here was so blue & beautiful but I dint go in for a swim. 


Paris, the city of love, the city of lovers. People said feel it, love is in the air and other stuff similar. But my feeling of Paris was totally different. Yes I did like the city, it was definitely beautiful. People were sweet but very very busy. Even though being a very busy city, it does have a lot of tourist attractions like the Louvre which has enough art for any layman to learn and understand any kind of art. Seeing the Mona Lisa was too great. But I wasn’t as convinced with it . I saw various other paintings there which were far better. The arc de triumph was nice and the Eiffel was mesmerising . Really really impressed by the Eiffel and how it stands with the kind of presence it has. Don’t know why they associate it with love but yes it definitely makes you miss your loved one because it so engrained. All in all, super expensive and super busy. Definitely there are a lot more places that can give you a better life at a cheaper or same price. 


From the moment I got off the bus, slight drizzle with 14 decree cold. Standing in only shorts and a tshirt I was frozen. But I think this was the best place I have ever loved so far. It took just 30 mins of walking to fall in love with this place. It’s such a merry and positive vibe that this place has. The streets are dim lit, less people but yes nobody you see has the slightest sadness or grin. It’s total relaxation. Everything here opens are 1 pm and shuts by 8 apart from desserts being served till 12. I mean that’s a big problem but I found the perfect solution on the night before leaving - What the fox. It’s a great restaurant. I shot here the most of my trip and I’m really satisfied with it. This place gives a very positive feeling apart from time being so slow that you feel a lot can be done, but you will never get bored. The Notre dame cathedral is the centre of this town and it’s the best thing I have ever seen in my life. It took about 70 years or so to build and was the tallest building in the world for about 220 years in the late 1800s . It’s fully made of stone but the architecture is just unbelievable how they did it in those years Obly with stone. I can’t imagine how it may have withstood earth quakes if there were any because it’s just too tall and very mysteriously haunting at

Night with the candles and noises around. It’s the perfect setting of Adams family. 


I don’t know where to start about this place but I can say there’s not much to do here. You have the castle on top which it is famous for and that’s about it. Would definitely say I had nothing to do expect for eat , drink and watch documentaries on my laptop. The hostel here wasn’t as great either. Stayed at the lotte backpackers and it was just about ok. The view from the bridge was the only thing I mostly enjoyed here on the second day evening but I walked the entire lengths of this place and found nothing interesting. 


It’s got the toughest names of streets to pronounce and if you’re going without data on your phone. You’re probably screwed. I walked all the way from the bus stand to my hostel because I dint understand the public transport system at once. One of the main reasons anybody would go to Stuttgart. It’s the car heaven with the Mercedes and Porsche car museum. It was such a temptation that the only probable reason I went to Stuttgart was this. The Mercedes museum was so detailed and to point with everything. It’s made in a very systematic manner and taking the audio guide for the first time was a great decision. Any car lover can spend anything from 3 hours upwards. If history of cars interests you, Mercedes has it all. Porsche is a class apart. This museum was all about the power and design. I loved the display of cars better at the Porsche museum because I love going up-close to the cars, peeping in. They have some of the most iconic cars and one of my favourites - 911GT3 along with other monsters which were just such a delight to see. 


This city just has something else about itself. I dont know whether its the beautiful sunsets, cold weather or the people, theres definitely something beautiful about this place and Im not yet ready to describe it. I hope the images below do justice. 


L’arc de Troimphe

Cathedral de strasbourg

Inside the Troimphe

Heidelberg beer

City of heidelberg

Inside the Cathedral de strasbourg

The louvre roof


Nice, France city scape

The Eiffel tower

Prague river

Prague boat ride

Prague sunset

Prague majestic sunset

Cathedral de strasbourg daytime

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