Do you really need a break?

Sometimes I realize that no matter how hard i try to accomplish something, nothing seems to be getting through. I struggle hard to make ends meet and try to satisfy myself but it just doesn’t happen. I consult a few close ones and they say Im doing exactly what I’m supposed to do, just that theres a particular phase to everybody needs to go through before achieving anything. And then someone out of the blue comes upto you and says you need a break. 

I don’t know how much it is true but I think a break mentally is definitely required when you feel you are really truly putting in everything you have to accomplish something. Out of all the things I have always wanted to accomplish, learning photography was one of them. I really wanted to take it to the professional level and I’m still struggling to get to where I aim to. Along the way I have met many people who are photographers and are really doing well. This brings me down to the thoughts of how I am going to project myself to be different, unique and most of all uniquely creative. I still can’t really call myself one because I think its something others should be willing to call me more than myself.   

With everything I practiced outdoors, doing exactly what my assignments asked for during the learning stages, I thought I knew exactly what I was accomplishing by doing them. I just lived for that moment and kept submitting and practicing in everything I was asked to do. It took me a while to realize that everything I practiced earlier taught me something more than I thought I did. I think it takes a while to really understand what you are doing and why you undergo a particular level of stress though I’m glad I went through it. A few of my images when I was going through that phase can be seen in this article.

Definitely paid off then and hopefully will pay off after the phase I’m probably facing right now. 

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