Childhood dream, Fulfilled in a way!

Since I was a kid, I always loved cars and bikes. And like everyone third boy’s dream, I wanted to do something related to it. As years passed, I realized that I was totally detached from what I wanted to do and my interests had totally changed. When I learnt the camera, my parents handed me one after a test which I obviously had to pass, proving to them that I would really utilize the tool. I came down to Bombay to get myself My First DSLR. It felt great to finally own one and I shot everything that came my way. Amongst the first few shots stood cars and bikes standing in the parking lot of my society. Once I went deeper into the study of photography, the cool bikes and cars which I always wanted to shoot just started moving out of my interests list. Moving on a little forward in my life, I finished my course in photography and dint see anyway I could really pursue automobile, career wise. 

Finally, I got one chance to prove if I was really worthy of it, A friend of mine who works with Business Standard Motoring approached me to do a shoot with them. I was overwhelmed by this and instantly said yes. I felt totally confident I could do it because I had totally done my bit of homework on automobile photography.

The Shoot

Finally the shoot got nearer and I started panicking if I would deliver what they expected. Infact I wanted to deliver something better than what they usually got. I went down to the streets and started practicing a day prior to the shoot, panning being the main focus.

Next morning when I reached the location for the shoot. I was more nervous than I ever expected myself to be. I wasn’t nervous about not delivering to the magazine with what they expected, I was nervous if I would stand upto my expectations and shoot well enough for me to rightfully pat my self on my back.

I love working this way because once you work with your standards set high enough, theres definitely no chance for error.

Im definitely happy with what I delivered to the magazine and happy otherwise that I fulfilled my dream to do something in automobile. The fact that I love automobile personally, made me deliver it professionally.

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