Breeds of Professionals

Punctual but inflexible - The realists

Time, the only means to measure the sequence of events. Many wish there more than 24 hours in a day. And there is only a limited amount of work that can be done in a designated amount of time. Nobody knows this better than those who plan out their day and follow it to the T. The realists are highly aware of their activities and the time it takes. What sets them apart is the fact that they are continuously measuring the time taken to complete tasks and updating it in their mental database. This helps them begin a task without wasting any time and end it with some buffer time on hand. The realist always play an important role when it comes to planning events or even saving a badly planned event. All in all, realists are prepared to make the best out of any situation, good or bad.

Slow but efficient - The Perfectionist

Amongst the many breeds professionals are trained to be. Here’s one which loves being left alone to do things upto expectations set by oneself. They always focus on the end result and have tunnel vision when it comes to achieving it. A Perfectionist will go to the end’s of the world to get the things done their way no matter what the cost or time of the day. Being slow is a drawback but patience is probably the key to such professionals. The professional living a perfectionist’s life is highly critical of work, whether their own or others. With their low self esteem, they absorb all tasks and duties to themselves because they cannot trust anybody else to envision the result they have in their hopes. To a perfectionist, ‘Near Perfection’ is seen as failure. Overall they are great people to work with, a lot to learn from the traits of being a perfectionist along with a hell lot of patience. Their fear for failure drives them, motivates them and makes them more ambitious than the rest. 

High Morals but quick & adaptable - The Idealist

More often than not, idealists are a misunderstood breed. There is a misconception that Idealists are quiet, reflective and are always introspecting. This is not entirely true. Idealists have a well developed value system that helps them to make the right decision when given a task. They’re a laidback group of professionals but when a strong held value is threatened, they will certainly fight back. This helps them to lead a team in the right way. Idealists always play an important role when upholding the moral fabric of a work environment, often willing to keep their options open. Their extroverted thinking organises ideas, thoughts and their environment to ensure maximum productivity.  Being creative and intuitive, they will find the most innovative solutions to any type of problems. Idealists are rare, they always look at the big picture instead of the immediate present.

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