Being Unsettled

Traveling makes you wiser, but consumes a lot of time and Money. Today’s race of people (including me) are always on the hunt of finding liberation, breaking free, rebellious, free spirited, unlocked and unsettled. These are words that millennials connect better with. The big question is why are we as a race headed towards this unsettlement. 

Being a photographer, every phase of my life too leads to creating various kinds of imagery depending on the phase of life im living or passing through. I see consistency only in eventually conveying the message which has always been my goal of being a photographer. 2018 was a year full of big changes and decisions and preplanned actions coming to life. From closing down my established studio in Pune to moving base to mumbai followed by New York film academy grade education. Its made me realize that every step is a process and with each process being completed, I’m learning and I’m growing.

Its nearly the completion of the first quarter of 2019 and I have returned to make up for the little time away inculcating new skills and gained tremendous exposure. With big plans on my mind and multiple photoshoots lined up, I see this year setting the bar higher than the rest from the past. 


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