Away from the Mainland

Away from the mainland

Its a monday morning and it takes about 45 mins to get from my corner of the city to the other. The traffic jams are but inexistent, there’s movement all through. Theres a difference in the speed of time. For an artist trying to create work, its a great setup. But there’s only limited inspiration which he needs to replenish from time to time. Much similar to life, you are responsible for your own motivation and inspiration. Nobody is going to notice nor push you in the same city. you’re on your own with plenty of space and time to explore your inner self. There’s a big chance you could have grabbed your dream project in the mainland in the time you spend here. But this is the ultimate experience of pushing yourself forward without any driving factor, in simple words, a bulb without electricity but you have to figure out a way to light it. This only leads me to thinking, what will happen when there will be electricity in abundance. Will it just multiply itself or will it be like a kid in a chocolate factory, too many options does create confusion.

In it

Living life as a creative professional is never short of excitement. Excitement that most people dont enjoy until its time to look at the journey and introspect, excitement that most professionals wish wasn’t existent. But it is here and theres nothing we can do about it. Along the many challenges faced by the creative genius, one of them is the big question of which city would best help emerge ones creative ideas and thoughts yet at the same time assure some kind of monetary stability. While the big city promises a higher percentage of opportunities, the smaller city promises mindspace and freedom undisturbed by the mainlands rush. Living in the mainland for a fair percentage of my professional life, it taught me the value of time and other things related. Why to be on time and how sometimes you can be late. Theres a different approach to getting around things in the big city. they particularly may not be applicable yet in the smaller cities but are definitely worth applying. Just like catching a train is not about saving money, more about saving time while is invariably proportionate to money. Leaving before or after rush hours to save time. Keeping the intellectual training aside, a mainland will also give you dearth of things to do on a weekend. From watching some slam poetry, catching up on some stand up comedy, listening to a jazz artist in a small cafe around downtown or an exhibition to educate the artist in you, the mainland has got this all and lot more to feed your soul. 

Having shared my thoughts its time to give me your feedback on what you’d choose and why? Whats your take on the mainland and whats it on the land away. Email me your thoughts on I’d love to further explore this thought.

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