Already entered, Yet to arrive!

It wasn’t really planned before I decided to move into Mumbai or like everyone else, I like to call it Bombay. It was this one morning in Pune when I just woke up and realized I was doing practically NOTHING. I went up to my luckily very supportive parents, and put in a request. The request was exactly what I really needed to do and I’m glad I did it with a lot of support from my parents. Move to Bombay!

That day has byfar been the biggest change I could have in my life. A higher percentage of the people here have that one right thing in mind, Career. Even I came here to do the same, pursue it.

When I first came to the city and out of my comfort zone, Pune, I felt like things weren’t going to be as tough as everybody says. Like everybody else, the first few things I had in mind to be sorted out were obviously shelter, food, work, in this exact order. I knew for sure at that moment that it would take me a maximum of 6-7 days to find myself that perfect house. I shifted in with Gagan and Urmit, two close friends of mine who took the same step as me, just slightly before Me. As the search for the pad started, after a few quarrels with the brokers and a few misunderstandings, I totally began to understand what people meant by “Its easier to find work in Mumbai than a house.” Every morning I would wake up saying “Today I will find my own house and move into it”. This kept going on for over a month and people laughed reminding me of what I had said when I just came to Mumbai. After a very very long search, I finally found the house that felt just perfect and finally moved in after approximately 45 days from the day I began my search. I had to move out of my friend’s house, which I was just beginning to enjoy and run straight for the house I was endlessly looking for.

Since the house part was done, I was so laid back thinking “Got a house, getting a job is supposedly easier!” Luckily then, Manjari Sharma (, A New York based photographer was coming down to do a project called Darshan ( in Mumbai. And since I had already assisted her earlier on this project, I got the chance to assist her again. I gave her project a 100% of what I had because this was exactly what I love doing. I learnt a lot by assisting her and felt really good I was doing something after I moved in. Once the project was over. I gave myself a few days to relax. I’m still not sure if I know how to socialize correctly but I went out and met a LOT of people. People from every professional background came my way and I tried to find out everything I could about how things really worked here. There came a time I realized I really was giving only 50% of my time to something productive. Like every other boy, I went out and did everything. Along came my birthday and I had a blast. I partied, every other day and met newer and newer people keeping myself happy thinking I was doing exactly what I was supposed to do.

My entry into the city finally ended when I suddenly woke up one day wondering what I was even doing. I started looking out for all those professionals around me, and when I had a nice look around, there were only a few who were really interested in what I did. My first step into the city wasn’t exactly perfect, but I definitely hadn’t made a blunder. Im glad I recovered totally from what I was doing, but one thing I finally realized then was “The struggle has just begun”

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