The Mafia Series

About a month ago, Atmaj Vyas came up with a concept and collaborated with me to bring it to life. It was the first time I was collaborating with a stylist on something like this. It was indeed a great experience to have someone alongside who thinks the way I do and executes similarly to me. The shoot began coming together when Vyoma Vyas(hair stylist) and Richard Joseph (Make up artist) also joined in to make the perfect team. Sajid Dhar, MD at Swagger by Saj an amazing designer based in Delhi, trusted us with his amazing collection he recently launched along with Bling by Namrata(Namrata Gupta) with her beautiful accessories collection for our concept shoot. Mezora talents, a talent management agency in Mumbai entrusted us with 4 models for our concept and from there on things were so quick that before anybody realised, the shoot was already done. It was a great experience shooting with our 4 talented international models : Jana Momcilovic-LeeJoris LemaireJulien LacelleIvana Obušková.

To me, teamwork is the beauty of our sport, where you have five acting as one. You become selfless.

The Mafia series was based on the story line I wrote. It revolved around a mafia family head played by Julien Lacelle who leaves his wife Ivana Obuskova and his family Joris and Jana. He walks away with no remorse and clearly breaks them. The person most affected by this is his wife. However things change when she gathers the strength and decides to take over the family. Though hesitant about her capabilities the family eventually agrees that she is the most suited to take over.
The family unites and eventually the husband comes back, but to no avail because sometimes its hard to forgive someone and sometimes we just never forgive them.

The story had a lot of elements pulled out from my life in a way and to be fair i was a little scared because we had to capture the emotion and the story all in just one picture.
But Ashish Gurbani, the photographer did it and did it really well.
I’m glad it came the way it did. :)

Feel free to leave a comment as I always appreciate criticism.

– Atmaj Vyas

Photography:- Ashish Gurbani.
Concept and Stylist:- Atmaj Vyas.
Make Up:- Richard Joseph & Vyoma Vyas
Hair:- Vyoma Vyas.
Clothes:- Swagger by Saj.
Accessories:- BLING by Namrata Gupta.
Models:- Invana Obuskova, Julien Lacelle, Joris Lemaire, Jana Momcilovic-Lee. (Mezora Talents.)
Location Courtesy:- Sheesha Gold, Sky lounge

Here’s a sneak peek into the fun and exciting atmosphere behind the scenes. Please enjoy it and don’t forget to see more of my work at You can also follow my work on my Facebook Page

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