That Eureka Moment

We as artists are always thinking about ideas. Ideas that will take us a step ahead and more importantly that one original idea that gives us that big leap. Because like I’ve said in the past and you already know, we are all hero’s in our own stories. We are all waiting for that one great idea that will put on the map, because each and every one of us believe that we are different. But we are the only ones who know it. Until we can find a mean to extract these thoughts that are trapped inside our head, to the world outside. And that’s what I’ve come to understand is art. A means to communicate. Our thoughts, our ideas, our opinions and ourselves.As an artist, there comes a moment when suddenly, every idea that comes in your head is a brilliant one. At this moment when we feel each idea is a eureka moment, it’s because we have utmost faith and belief in ourself, that from this moment on, the time has come to ideologically conquer the world.

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