How I’m spending my quarantine. Part 2

Just when I thought I’d get a little productive, my laptop stopped working. Isn’t this such a common occurrence even though we least expect it to happen. But when it does happen, we realise we were somewhat aware that it was coming our way, we just dint know when. I’d like to compare this scenario to the COVID situation, at a way larger scale. Diving into philosophy id like to conclude this comparison: 

  • There’s definitely a pattern worth accepting and understanding, not all things are unpredictable. 
  • What’s unpredictable is time and duration.
  • My temporary solution for my broken laptop was purchasing a typeC>HDMI cable. I seemed to be ready to dive into the basics duties of a commercial photographer, i.e. emails, website updations, accounts and a couple of marketing activities that consumed nothing more than about 2 hours of my day. Unlock 1.0 comes as hope, the urge to resume habits from the pre COVID era. The urge to shoot was getting strong but being precautious seemed to be the wiser choice over being productive. However, I did prepare for normalcy by heading to Apple for some warranty disappointments and paid laptop repairs. I got a rental to continue functioning.

    The transport services are back up and we’re now free to move around at our own risk. With this came my first commercial COVID project. It’s evident that I wasn’t the only one craving for normalcy. 

    Photoshoot during COVID

    I’m nervous and taking great precautions. I’m unsure if I’m doing the right thing by conducting a photoshoot during COVID but it seemed to have appeared right in front of me in a way that it’d be surprising for any photographer to skip it, specially when it’s a 6 year old client.

    The planning’s all done and it was day 1 of the photoshoot. A special pdf was made to email people with certain instructions regarding COVID precautions. Apart from this, we dived right in.


    The 2-day photoshoot was a success like none other. Why? I would evaluate by saying because it involves people who have been locked up for about 80 days with little to nothing achieved (apart from being successfully alive and healthy which is currently a big achievement) 

    They get one shot to go out and do something productive, this leads them to be extremely efficient and readily willing to finetune every minuscule detail. Limitedness does lead to efficiency.

    I’m fortunate I got this opportunity to see this theory in action. The images were delivered within 3 days and I was back to being under lockdown.

    Day 132: The weather has found its pattern, the first half of the day is usually pretty summer hot followed by beautiful cloudy skies and drizzles during the second half of the day. During sunset, the sun resumes, painting the skies in purple and gold.

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